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Post by Anonymously on Mon Dec 23, 2013 7:56 pm

To blockade other Captain's Haven, choose the number and type of Units you want to send. If successful, your Crew will blockade the Enemy's Haven and you'll take a higher position in the Blockade Rankings.

Blockades can be broken if the blockaded Captain produces enough offensive Units or gets enough Reinforcements to defeat the blockading force's crew. If your Haven has been blockaded, you can still produce Units to defeat the Blockader or ask your Friends to send you Reinforcements. Blockades don't effect your Haven's normal functioning.

Blockades can be performed in 3 ways:

From the Map:

   Click «Map» in your Haven.
   Place the mouse cursor over the Haven you want to blockade.
   Select «Blockade» from the Haven menu.

From inside the enemy's Haven:

   Visit the Haven of the player you want to blockade.
   Click «Blockade» on the «Actions» menu.

From the Pirate Stronghold:

   Go to the Pirate Stronghold.
   Open the «Send» tab.
   Select «Blockade» from the action list.
   Click «Blockade».

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